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So the actor descends north of Valla as the leader of the cannibal tribe, Loboda.

The photos were held in Belfast, at 5 degrees, and began at 5 am, because in Ireland it darkened early.

In his 18th-grade school year, in SOU ''William Gladstone'', the prospective actor earned his teachers the privilege of not attending the first few hours on the pretext that he was living far away.

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Having just lost a major part of their team of the Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal(EOD),they're uneasy when the new replacement, Staff Sgt.

The film makes him a star and earned him a Best Actor Awards in Bulgarian Cinema Year Awards (2009) and the Award for Best Actor at the International Film Festival Chungmuro, Seoul (2009).

In 2012 Baharov together with his colleagues and best friends Vladimir Karamazov and Julian Vergov founded production company - Three Bears Entertainment.

So far the company has produced three theatrical productions - Spinach with potatoes (by Zoltan Egresi), Art (by Yasmina Reza) and Dakota (by Jordi Galceran).

To participate in HBO series "Game of Thrones", Baharov sent the producers a video with three of his own duplicates, which they approved.

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